This Manual is intended to:

  • Provide reference materials and multidisciplinary methodology in accordance with local effective laws and international standards pertaining to human rights, in general and child rights, in particular along with highlighting the provisions and principles relating to child protection and care during his/her placement and reintegration.
  • Facilitate the process of understanding legal procedure mechanisms by each staff category operating in the social care center/ facility and explicate the basic practical steps to be taken by each staff when dealing with children at all stages;
  • Develop the skills and knowledge of staff dealing with juveniles in order for the former to be able to contribute in attitude modification and performance improvement; and
  • Raise and disseminate awareness and influence attitudes and behavior and enhance application through adopting and implementing the rules, principles and standards geared for protecting the rights of children in placement.

Target Groups:

This Manual is intended primarily to train all staff working in social guidance centers/ facilities. It is, however, possible to use it to train staff working at other correctional facilities concerned with providing children protection and care, especially those in placement within the context of criminal justice at the official level:

– Management of social guidance centers/ facilities and their Staff

– Social workers and psychologists

– Community-based Supervised Probation Agent/ Officer

– Instructors (teachers; technicians; activity officers; supervisors etc.)

– Doctors and health workers

– Services and service providers or workers

– Other specialization/disciplines.